The Pico software  offers some very useful and time-saving  features that are not available elsewhere. The software is more comprehensive of any other brand on the UK market.

While all urodynamic systems perform tests some, like the Pico Smart, are easier to use than others.

The Pico systems are unique in allowing individuals to have the automatically generated reports designed in their preferred format.

ICS recommends that the pressure transducers remain at the height of the synphasis pubis during the test. This is normally achieved by physically moving the transducers when the patient’s position is changed. With the Pico Smart this can be accomplished automatically through the software. No other urodynamic system offers this facility.

The Medica software team is constantly working to make improvements and enhance the user experience.

Suggestions for improvements are welcomed

Pico Smart Capabilities

Designed to easily upgrade at any time

Standard Capabilities 

  • 8 channels to display all clinically relevant data      Option to increase display channels to up to 24
  • Number of pressures 4, upgradeable to 8
  • Uroflowmetry, Cystometry & Pressure Flow studies with leak point pressure
  • Infused volume shown as a waveform for trending analysis
  • ICS & user-defined event marking
  • Automatic Report templates preset or customisable
  • Report export to MS Office® (reports, graphs & raw data)
  • Windows operating system
  • Study pause and review during acquisition
  • Personalised setup of all procedure steps for acquisition, analysis and report generation
  • Full range of analyses and printouts
  • Automatic Reference Pressure Adjustment when symphasis pubis height changes so there is no need to raise or lower the    transducers to compensate as recommended by ICS guidelines.
  • Initial Bladder Volume entry recording this in the programme at the start of the test means that infused volume is the same as bladder volume.
  • DICOM compatible
  • Full range of nomograms included
    Haylen/Liverpool Flow
    Siroky flow
    ICS (formally Abrams/Giffiths)
    Chess Classification
    Blaivas and Groutz
    Ghoneim compliance
  • Artefact recognition and removal
  • Wireless & wired options for uroflowmetry
  • Wireless printer option

Optional Capabilities

  • Video option in standard and HD video formats
        Video Image expansion during acquisition, as well as in review.
    Up to 1 hour video loop recording
  • Aircharged catheter
  • Urethral Pressure Profilometry with modular puller
  • Leak detection
  • Voice control
  • Electromyography
  • Anorectal Manometry
  • Oesophageal Manometry
  • Cavernosometry
  • Stimulation & Biofeedback