Urodynamic Systems

For over 15 years Genesis Medical has been a major supplier of urodynamic systems in the UK and for several years it has been the market leader.

Over the last few years several major urodynamic companies have disappeared and customers have fewer systems from which to choose.

Currently Genesis Medical supports close to 150 urodynamic systems in the UK and works hard to maintain its leading role by providing the best possible support.

Genesis Medical represents Medica and the software is recognised to be the best in the world as regards features, flexibility, and ease of use.

Medica is also responsive to requests to produce new features quickly in response to UK customer requests.

Among features offered only by Medica making it a market leader:

  • The option to custom design automatically generated reports with the test data presented in the format each customer prefers.
  • The option for automatic adjustment of pressures to compensate for a change in pubis symphasis height when the patient moves. This eliminates the need to move the transducers as recommended by ICS guidelines

For those considering purchasing a urodynamic system the main factors to consider are the after sales support provided, reliability, and the features offered combined with user-friendly software.

It is easier to buy a new system from a familiar supplier than to trial several different systems but only by doing so does one know that the system selected is the best available.

Genesis Medical appreciates every opportunity it is given to demonstrate the Pico Smart.

For Ambulatory Urodynamics:

Menfis Blu Runner ~

for Ambulatory Urodynamics and thorough Gastroesophageal Reflux investigation.

The Blu Runner can also be used connected to a PC

The picture shows the device which is carried on a patient’s belt.