Presenters at the Conferences and Courses below have kindly and generously given permission for their material to be published for educational purposes.
Queen Square Uroneurology Course – The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, London
Sponsored by the ICS, NHNNS and Genesis Medical
12 CDP Points awarded by The Royal College of Physicians
20 & 21st October 2016
1)   Neural control of the lower urinary tract in health and disease – Jalesh Panicker
2)   The evaluation of lower urinary tract dysfunction in the neurological patient –  Mahreen Pakzad
3)   Urodynamics in patients with neurological disease – Christopher Harding
4)   The role for neurophysiology in the evaluation of urogenital Dysfunction  –  David Vodusek
5)   The pelvic floor in patients with neurological disease –  Doreen McClurg
6)   Bowel dysfunction in the neurological patient – Anton Emmanuel
7)  Round table – Recurrent urinary tract infections in neurological patients – Mahreen Pakzad
8)   Urinary tract infections (UTIs) – a neurologist’s perspective – Jeremy Chataway
9)   Urinary tract infections (UTIs) – a urologist’s perspective – Véronique Phé
10) Urinary tract infections (UTIs) – a microbiologists’s perspective – Carmel Curtis
11) Sexual dysfunction in the neurological patient – Sharon Wood
12) Gynaecological problems faced by women with neurological disease – Roopali Karmarkar
12) Pharmacotherapy for neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction –   Enrico Finazzi Agrò
14) Botulinum toxin: Pitfalls and challenges – Prokar Dasgupta
15) Neuromodulation for the overactive bladder – tibial nerve stimulation – Enrico Finazzi Agrò
16) Neuromodulation for urinary retention and newer implantable devices – Sohier Elneil
17) The role for reconstructive surgery in neurological patients with bladder dysfunction –  Julian Shah
18) Barriers faced by neurological patients in performing self-catheterisation – Collette Haslam
19) Ambulatory urodynamics – Mahreen Pakzad & Robert Kightley
20) Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease and the anticholinergic  burden – Ryuji Sakakibara
21) Multiple Sclerosis – Véronique Phé
22) Spinal cord injury and spina bifida – Melissa Davies
23) Peripheral neuropathies and cauda equina lesions – David Vodusek
24) Non-urological causes for urinary retention – Jalesh Panicker

Neurogenic Bladder Course – The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, London
Sponsored by the ICS, NHNNS and Genesis Medical
27 & 28th November 2014
1)  Parkinsons Disease Multiple System Atrophy: Jalesh Panicker
2)  Management of LUTS in Patients with MS – Thomas Kesslerler
3)  Alterations in Neurogenic LUT Dysfunction – Marcus Drake
4)  Surgery for lower urinary dysfunction – Waleed Al Taweel
5)  Neural Control of the LUTS – Jalesh Panicker
6)  Pharmacology for LUTS dysfunction – Helmut Madersbacher
7)  Botox in the treatment of the neurogenic bladder – Rizwan Hamid
8)  Neuromodulation in Bladder Dysfunction – Soheir Elneil
9)  Dementia – Helmut Madersbacher
10) Retrograde Leak Point Pressures – Sachin Malde, Mahreen Pakzad & Robert Kightley
11) Urethral Pressure Profilometry – Mahreen Pakzad & Robert Kightley
12) Surgey for Neurogenic LUT Dysfunction – Waleed Altaweel
13) Bladder Management in Spina Bifida – Dan Wood

The Pelvic Floor in Neurological Patients – Doreen McClurg
15) UTI in the Neurological Patient – Mahreen Pakzad
16) Kessler Managment of LUTS in patients with MS Thomas Kessler
17) Non Urological causes of Urinary Retention – Clare Fowler

2nd Interactive Urological Outpatient Workshop – Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool
Sponsored by Genesis Medical
25th September 2014

Setting the Scene -Why should you consider One-Stop Clinics? S Vishwanath
2) Models of Service design for One Stop Clinics  -Sarah Wood & Rebecca Hamm
   Norfolk Model
   Liverpool Model
3) The Management perspective – building a business case – Jo Henshaw
4) What do rhe CCG want from One Stop Clinics? – Cheryl Mould & Jude Mahadanaarachi
5) Lessons learnt from recent converts – Barnaby BarassLiverpool Model

UK Consensus on Bladder Management in MS 2009
Professor Fowler’s presentation to the Royal College of Nurses Continence Care Conference – October 2009

Annual Scientific Update in Urogynaecology – joint RCOG & BSUG Meeting  – Nov 2009
Professor Fowler’s presentation – Basics of the nervous system as it affects the bladder

Presentations given at the Institute of Urology: a course on Neurological Disorders and the Bladder
12 November 2009  (Sponsored by Genesis Medical Ltd)
1) Basics of the nervous system as it affects the bladder – Prof Clare Fowler
b) Multiple Sclerosis – Prof Clare Fowler
c) Medications – Prof Clare Fowler
2) The potential (and avoidable) long-term risks of Neuropathic Bladders – Mr Julian Shah FRCS Consultant Urologist, Institute of Urology
3) Spina Bifida – Dan Wood Consultant in Adolescent and Reconstructive Surgery, University College London Hospitals
4) Spinal Cord Injury – Surgical interventions for neurourological disease- Rizwan Hamid, Consultant Urologist, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
5) Intermittent Catheters – Sharon Wood, Clinical Nurse Specialist Neuro-Urology and and Sexaul Function, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital