Full Information for Clinicians

NICE guidelines recommend using a biomarker in addition for cystoscopy to diagnose bladder cancer.

The UBC Rapid biomarker detects the concentration of Cytokeratins 8 and 18 in urine and trials have shown it to be more sensitive than ELISA, and cytology, with similar specificity.

If the cassette with the urine sample is inserted into the Omega 100 Reader, 10 minutes later it provides a quantitative reading with the concentration of Cytokeratins in the sample with an indication as to whether the sample is Normal , Slightly elevated or Elevated.

The first icon opens a booklet containing much information including clinical papers.

The second icon is a version of a podium presentation given at EAU 2016, and below is a link to a recording of this presentation. This shows very high sensitivity and specificity particularly for CIS