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Trading Terms and Conditions I.Definitions In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply: “Genesis” refers to Genesis Medical Ltd and associated companies. “Browser” refers to any party purchasing products through the Shop on this site, or browsing II. Obligations of the browser a) All browsers are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions published on this site. b) No copy of any part of the site will be made except for personal use, not for commercial use. III. Personal details a) Browser details will not be provided to any other commercial organisation. b) Any passwords provided are for the Browsers personal use and must be kept confidential IV. Third party web sites Links to web sites are provided for interest and Genesis is not responsible for their content. V. Terms of Sale a) Orders can be placed electronically through the shop or by

Telephone: 0208 625-9854

Fax: 020 625-9884

Post: Genesis Medical Ltd 7 Trojan Business Park Cobbold Road London NW10 9ST

b) Prices shown are in pounds sterling without VAT. Some products are zero rated for VAT if purchased for personal use by qualified people who sign a VAT declaration form. For answers to any questions please telephone for advice. c) When a product is ordered, the contract of sale is deemed to occur when an email accepting the order is received. Title to the goods will pass only when Genesis has received payment. The risk in the goods is that of Genesis until delivery is made. d) Except in exceptional circumstances, all goods are paid for before shipment is made. e) Delivery in most circumstances is by Recorded delivery. Depending on the circumstances and destination other means of transport will be used by Genesis. Most products are despatched within 24 hours of receipt. Browsers may request that specific carriers be used and shipping charges will be adjusted as necessary if extra costs are involved. f) If an item is out of stock Genesis will contact the Browser and advise an estimated shipping date. The Browser will have the option to cancel the order and have any charges made to a credit card reversed. VI. Returned goods policy

Orders placed through the shop. a) An order may be cancelled within 7 days of receipt by returning the goods unopened with a copy of the receipt and a full refund will be made. Because of the nature of some of the products, the returns cannot be resold even if claimed never to have been used. These products are sealed and if returned with the seal broken, refunds cannot be made.

b) Impulse, Revive and Accord erection assistance devices are supplied with a 30 day money back guarantee if returned for any reason. The price paid less a £30 handling charge will be refunded. c) Goods have to be returned at customers own expense.

Orders other than erectile dysfunction items

Orders for most products cannot be cancelled. In certain circumstances, and at the sole discretion of Genesis Medical orders may be cancelled and returns may be accepted after applying a restocking charge.

VII. Applicable law

Genesis and the Browser agree to be bound by the laws of England.