Patient Overview


An excellent resource for those wanting good and objective information on incontinence, both urge and Stress incontinence can be found here on a NHS website. The videos are particularly clear and informative.

Since these tapes were first used in 1997, hundreds of thousands have been implanted with success in the vast majority of cases. The NHS website referred to above

A consultant urologist or urogynaecologist can provide advice for the best treatment for each individual.

Genesis Medical supplies the I-STOP tape for female Stress Incontinence. On our section for clinicians there are details of the I-STOP tape which differs from other tapes because it resists deformation and does not become thinner over time. As clinical studies show, there are fewer complications after the I-STOP tape is implanted than for other tapes. Having said that, your surgeon may still consider an alternative to be more suitable for an individual.