I-STOP Non-Stretch Tape
for female Stress Urinary Incontinence
1998              The first Gynecare tape was sold in Europe by Vincent Goria.

1999-2000    The first reports of erosion arising from tape deformation were reported.

2000              Vincent Goria watched the removal of a tape that had deformed into a thin “rope”.

2001              Vincent Goria and a Mechanical Engineer studied the Ulmsten Integral Theory to draw up
                       specifications for a tape capable of resisting the force vectors described. A technical weaver with
                       30 years of experience designed the weave. CL Medical was formed to produce the I-STOP tape

2002              The first I-STOP tapes were implanted and in 2005 a paper was published in European Urology
                       covering 604 patients reporting less retention, dysuria and also less De Novo urgency
This well proven tape has for many years been available for standard Retropubic, TOT in-out,               TOT out-in, procedures and more recently in the single incision MINI-STOP kit which contains botha retropubic shaped needle and a pair of helical needles, so catering for all surgical preferences.

I-STOP has been on the market for 15 years
I-STOP leads the French market because fewer complications occur.

I Stop Deformation 1a

Comments on tape characteristics in a recent paper by Willy Davila, Cleveland Clinic Florida An inelastic retropubic suburethral sling in women with intrinsic sphincter deficiency. int Urogynecol J Vol 23 No 12 Dec 2012

Q           Why is I-STOP available only in white?
A           CL-Medical has not found and does not believe that there is a suitable dye for polypropylene that has
tested and certified as safe for long-term implantation. While there is no suggestion that
             coloured tapes are 
unsafe, CL-Medical will only use materials that are properly certified.



comparision 1  deformation 2bdeformation 2a

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Food for thought – Peter Dwyer editorial
this why we, at Genesis Medical, offer only products with strong clinical backing