I-STOP Overview for clinicians

I-STOP Non-Stretch Tape
for female Stress Urinary Incontinence
1998              The first Gynecare tape was sold in Europe by Vincent Goria.

1999-2000    The first reports of erosion arising from tape deformation were reported.

2000              Vincent Goria watched the removal of a tape that had deformed into a thin “rope”.

2001              Vincent Goria and a Mechanical Engineer studied the Ulmsten Integral Theory to draw up
                       specifications for a tape capable of resisting the force vectors described. A technical weaver with
                       30 years of experience designed the weave. CL Medical was formed to produce the I-STOP tape

2002              The first I-STOP tapes were implanted and in 2005 a paper was published in European Urology
                       covering 604 patients reporting less retention, dysuria and also less De Novo urgency

I-STOP has been on the market for 13 years
I-STOP leads the French market because fewer complications occur.