Frequently asked questions

What is iTIND?

iTIND is a medical device that offers patients fast relief from BPH symptoms. An alternative to conventional surgery, it is implanted into the prostatic urethra in just 5 minutes, and stays in place for only 5 days. After five post-operative days the iTIND is then removed in just 5 minutes, helping to alleviate BPH symptoms for years.

Could iTIND be a solution for me?

If you suffer from BPH symptoms and would like to get relief without surgery and its associated hospitalization, catheters, extensive bleeding and sexual dysfunction., speak with yoururologist about iTIND. However, if you have any of the following, you are not a candidate for iTIND: urethral stricture, an active urinary tract infection, suspected or proven prostate cancer or underwent interventional prostate treatment in the past.

What should I expect to feel after the iTIND procedure?

You can return to your normal activities after the procedure. You may feel discomfort and the urgency to urinate until the device is removed 5 days after insertion. You may also have some mild blood discoloration in your urine.

How soon will I see results?

You will be able to urinate immediately following the procedure. Additionally, improvement will take place over the three months following the procedure, as the therapeutic effect and the healing mechanisms take place, so you remain free of BPH symptoms well into the future.

Why should I consider iTIND?

If you feel the drugs you currently take have little effect on your BPH and would like to avoid surgery that encompasses hospitalization, catheters, bleeding and potential sexual dysfunction, you should talk with your physician about iTIND.

OK, I’m interested. Where can I get iTIND?

iTIND is currently commercially available only in Europe. For more information, please email us directly.