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Testimonials from men using Genesis Medical devices


 “I was told I would be finished in that department. For two years we tried to make the best of it. Six months ago we were introduced to your system via the hospital and our GP. The first time we used it I said to my wife if it never worked again I have just had my money’s worth – every penny. Thank you once again”.

E-Mail received from R.

“May I congratulate you on supplying a first class product which I purchased from you on the recommendation of Hereford County Hospital. It has certainly enabled my wife and I to regain mutual satisfaction even in my late 70’s.”

H.M Hereford.

“My wife and I would like to thank you for the return of our sexual relationship, after three and half years with no sex due to my inability to get an erection, but in just four weeks with an Active II we were back to regular sex with total satisfaction for both of us and we are of the opinion it is better now because my erection lasts longer. Our thanks once again.”

J. S Herts.

“I would like to say how really delighted my partner and I are with the device and would highly recommend it to anyone having erection difficulties.”

F. T South Humberside.


Testimonials from Clinicians


“The patients’ sexual satisfaction, their partner’s sexual satisfaction and the patients’ individual self-esteem were all significantly improved.” “The device (Active II) usually produced an erection within one or two minutes.” “Some patients report a restoration of erection function.” “The Active II vacuum assist device provides an easy to use effective treatment for male erectile dysfunction.”

Dr H J Bodansky, Diabetic Medicine, 1994; 11:410-12

“Vacuum devices are non-invasive and the patients do not require long term medical surveillance.” “Vacuum tumescence is effective and should be presented to the patient as being equivalent to, if not better than, intracorporeal injection therapy.”

D C O’Sullivan, C P Chilton, K W Munson, Derbyshire Royal Infirmary
1994 Presentation to the American Urology Association and
British Association of Urological Surgeons.

“When planning any intervention to restore potency a number of factors must be considered: the acceptance of the treatment by the man and his partner, ease of use, reversibility and effectiveness of the intervention, incidence and severity of adverse effects, and over-all cost. When these criteria are applied the external vacuum devices measure up well, ranking as the least invasive, least expensive and safest of current medical interventions enjoying reasonable rates of effectiveness, and patient and partner acceptance.”

Treating Erective Dysfunction with External Vacuum Devices: Impact Upon Sexual,
Psychological and Marital Functioning. Louisa A
Turner et al The Journal Of Urology Vol 144, July 1990