Men suffering from diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, poliomyelitis, prostate cancer, severe pelvic injury, single gene neurological disease, spina bifida, spinal cord injury, Men with renal failure on dialysis

Men after the following surgery: prostatectomy, radical pelvic surgery, kidney transplant

The prescription must be entered on a FP10 specify Code No., product name, and the notation “SLS”, when order accessories you would need to add a quantity for that specific item:

The downloadable Clinical Booklet includes clinical data and explains the cost savings these systems provide.


All systems below include accessories: Rings, Cylinder, Grey seals,  Lubricating jelly all everything needed to be used with the system, although the Revive does not include batteries with the device.

Code No: 0103 Accord with manual pump, S.L.S, Qty 1

Code No: 0102 Impulse with manual pump, S.L.S, Qty 1

Code No: 0101 Revive with battery pump, S.L.S, Qty 1

Code No: 0105 Asset system, S.L.S, Qty 1


Standard Genesis Constrictor Rings

Code No: 0110B Genesis Constrictor ring size B

Code No: 0110C Genesis Constrictor ring size C

Code No: 0110D Genesis Constrictor ring size D

Code No: 0110E Genesis Constrictor ring size E

Code No: 0110F Genesis Constrictor ring size F

Genesis 3H Constrictor rings

Code No: 013H(3) Genesis 3 holed ring, size 3

Code No: 013H(4) Genesis 3 holed ring, size 4

Code No: 013H(5) Genesis 3 holed ring, size 5

Code No: 013H(6) Genesis 3 holed ring, size 6

Code No: 013H(7) Genesis 3 holed ring, size 7

Code No: 013H(8) Genesis 3 holed ring, size 8

Code No: 013H(9) Genesis 3 holed ring, size 9

Doctors’ prescriptions may be filled at the Pharmacy or sent to the Genesis Medical (address shown below) for immediate despatch. Be sure to complete the back of the prescription form and provide your telephone number in case of need.

Genesis Medical (Sales) Ltd
7 Trojan Business Park
Cobbold Road
London NW10 9ST

Should you wish to contact us please call the helpline on 020 8451 1123.