Sexual health is a very important and also a very complex part of life. It is well accepted that for both participants to have an active love life which enhances Sexual Health, physical Attractiveness improving mental health, self-confidence, and the attraction to others.

The ability to obtain and maintain an erection for successful intercourse is an essential part of making love and so satisfying a man’s partner.

Genesis Medical offers a range of erection assistance devices guaranteed to give satisfaction, or they may be returned for a refund.  They are also available on prescription in the UK for men with erection problems caused by diabetes, surgery, multiple sclerosis etc.


Impotence is defined as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection long enough for intercourse satisfactory for both partners. Premature loss of erection is therefore defined as a form of impotence.

Impotence is a very common problem and affects many millions of men throughout the world. Solutions are available for everyone and nobody should feel embarrassed about talking freely to their partner and doctor.

Impotence may be temporary or permanent. It is usually caused by physical problems, but can also have a psychological origin. Sometimes both physical and psychological factors are present.

Physical causes include diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other blood vessel problems, surgery in the pelvic area such as prostate, bladder, rectal etc., hormonal imbalances, neuropathy, spinal cord injuries, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, alcohol and drug abuse and medications, especially for high blood pressure.

Psychological factors can include depression, anxiety, marital problems, guilt, stress and fear of failure to perform.

Genesis Medical supplies three vacuum erection assistance devices. Two are operated by a manual pump and the third is the Revive which is battery driven.  The  Accord and Impulse have hand pumps. All three work equally well.