endocellEndometrial Samplers,

Within the Cooper Surgical family of comapnies there are three Endometrial samplers made in the USA: the PIPELLE, the ENDOCELL, and the PIPET CURET. These are all available directly from Genesis Medical Ltd or through the NHS Supply Chain.

The Endocell is:

  • Smoother and slightly stiffer for easier insertion
  • Easily mouldable
  • “O” ring in the piston for better vacuum and smoother action
  • It holds the largest sample of all similar products available

An ongoing evaluation so far shows: 118 gynaecologists from 48 UK hospitals reported the results of their evaluation of 5 claims we make for the Endocell:    96% found the Endocell to be better than other samplers                                                                     

  • 115 agreed that it is smoother and stiffer so it passes more easily through the cervix
  • 103 agreed that It moulds more easily making insertion easier
  • 113 agreed that the “O” ring in the piston gives a better vacuum and smoother action
  • 114 agreed that the flat ridged handle makes the procedure easier
  • 113 agreed that overall the Endocell compares better than other samplers 

To evaluate the endocell yourself please contact Genesis Medical for samples and an evaluation form.
If you are a Pipelle user and do not want to change, consider moving to the USA rather than French made Pipelles (there are slight differences) and considerable savings
 of as much as 24%.