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Sheathed cystoscopes overcome the drawbacks presented by standard flexible cystoscopes:

BMJ article describing the infection control problems associated with the use of standard cystoscopes and showing that sheaths with working channels is a solution

Endosheath Technology addresses the drawbacks described in the article:

  • The capital cost of multiple endoscopes required for several patients on a list
  • The damages caused to flexible endoscopes by frequent processing
  • The expense and time required to reprocess endoscope
  • The risks to personnel and the environment posed by toxic chemicals
  • The difficulty of ensuring that, particularly working channels, are free of contamination

The solution is elegant:

VSI hand11 EndoSheath® Technology applied to cystoscopy.

The EndoSheath protective barrier covers the endoscope from end to end, isolating the cystoscope from patient contact and protecting its controls from contamination during the procedure.

The disposable EndoSheath protective barrier includes a working/operative channel for suction, irrigation and instrument passage. The PrimeSight cystoscope working channel is in the disposable sheath..

The patient is never in contact with the cystoscope, only with the sterile sheath. Fluids and instruments are passed through the working channel in the sheath and so do not contaminate the cystoscope. After the procedure the sheath with its working channel are disposed of.

How does EndoSheath® Technology work?

A quick video explanation

Prior to each procedure the endoscope is placed inside a new sterile sheath following an aseptic protocol. After the procedure the sheath is removed from the endoscope and discarded.The sheath eliminates the need for toxic high-level disinfection routines between each patient.The result is a safe, sterile instrument for each patient and rapid equipment turnaround for the practice.

Step by step Endosheath Technology protocol

What does EndoSheath® Cystoscopy mean for the urology clinic?

  • Only one scope is needed for a full list.The aseptic procedure for fitting the sterile sheath then removing it takes just 5-10 minutes.
  • Time to clean scopes and process them through a washer disinfector is saved.
  • Staff is not exposed to toxic disinfection chemicals.
  • Toxic chemicals do not pass into the environment

What does this mean for the budget?

  • Fewer cystoscopes are needed – so much lower capital expenditure.
  • Fewer repairs because the working channel is not in the cystoscope but in the sheath
  • Cost of washer disinfectors and their maintenance is eliminated.
  • Less handling of the endoscope results in less frequent need for repairs
  • The sterile disposable sheaths cost less than conventional reprocessing after each patient.

PrimeSight System Advantages slide show (hold curser over a slide to keep it still)



Quick accurate bladder volume readings showing the bladder.

Real time scanning and measuring of prostate, kidney etc


The Sheath includes the working channel

A New Sterile Sheath for each patient





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