LL100 The Wallach LL100 Multi-tip Cryosurgery system
ll100Wallach LL100 Multi-tip cryosurgery system for a wide variety of general, gynaecological, ENT, GU medicine application, and dermatology.
This uses a cylinder of nitrous oxide to freeze any one of a variety of tips that are connected. The appropriate tip for the application is selected and screwed in place. The tip is placed against the tissue to be frozen and the Freeze trigger is pressed.
One can see an ice-ball radiating around the tip. This is in the form of a hemisphere below the tip. It is important to freeze 1-2 mm into healthy tissue to be certain to destroy the lesion. There is no risk of damage to bone or permanent damage to the nerves or circulation.
The Wallach LL100 is the instrument of choice for treating the cervix, ENT, condylomata, warts and verruccae. For further information, and copies of clinical papers, contact Genesis Medical


Wallach LLCO2 Mulii-tip cryosurgery system 
treats the same conditions as the LL100 but instead of using nitrous oxide, it uses CO2 and is less efficient than the Wallach LL100 which uses N2O.


Wallach Ultrafreeze Liquid Nitrogen Spray
This instrument is designed to hold 300ml or 500ml of liquid nitrogen for 12-24 hours, during which time evaporation takes place continuously. For best results, the liquid nitrogen (at -160°C when it hits the tissue) is sprayed directly onto the lesion through one of a variety of spray apertures.

Liquid nitrogen sprays are particularly effective for larger shallow lesions which suits many dermatological conditions.