Signos RT Bladder

Signos RT Bladder scannerThe SignosRT Bladder is available is a very convenient and portable configuration with the probe connected to a hand-held screen, or connected to a tablet PC.

Both versions have the same software so scans can be filed in Patient folders, printed, saved in central hospital servers etc.

The SignosRT Bladder scanner is ideally suited for scanning the bladder and showing it in outline with the volume enclosed.

  • Just view the bladder, and click to store the picture.  Quick and EASY!
  • If fluid around the bladder has been included, the picture can be edited by moving the outline into the correct position and the new corrected volume will automatically change. Perfect for maternity wards!
  • The Signos RT is ideal for many other applications in Urology and Gynaecology.
  • The software is encrypted and password protected.

The scanner automatically calibrates every time it is switched on so the cost and inconvenience of annual servicing are saved by the Signos RT.

With any bladder scanner it is essential that probe be held in the correct position and angle because this has a major affect on the volume measured. The only way to be certain that the probe is in the correct position is to have a live picture of what is being scanned and to adjust the probe angle until the maximum volume is seen. With a simple point-and-click scanner there is no way of knowing if the correct reading is being given.