The iTind presents a viable alternative to surgery for patients suffering from an enlarged prostate caused by BPH.
The iTind is placed in the prostatic urethra.
The device is deployed in a very simple minimally invasive procedure in a urologist’s clinic. The insertion takes just 5 minutes, after which the patient can go home and resume normal activities. There is no bleeding and no catheterisation is required. For the first 24 hours the patient feels slight discomfort (not pain) and may have urgency. After 5-7 days the patient returns to have the device removed through a Foley catheter.
ITIND image
MidiTate iTind 5
The iTind provides immediate and long-lasting relief from symptoms with no side effects, and without the need for drugs, surgery or a permanent implant. Symptoms normally continue to improve over the following 3 months.
Mechanism of Action
Once deployed within the prostatic urethra in its folded configuration, the struts of the iTIND begin to expand and exert longitudinal pressure on the prostatic urethra and the bladder neck at the 12, 5 and 7 o’clock positions. Over the course of 5 days, ischemia, necrosis and scarring, create deep longitudinal channels through which urine can flow freely.
The iTind was uniquely designed to ensure easy and accurate positioning, and to avoid trauma to sperm ducts and urethral sphincters, thereby eliminating the risk of retrograde ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and incontinence.
At post-operative day 5, the device is completely removed.
The new channels formed continue to provide relief for years to come.


  • Temporary implant, removed after only 5 days
  • Non-surgical incisions create permanent channels in the prostatic urethra
  • Eliminates the risk of sexual dysfunction
  • Suitable for acute retention
  • Immediate symptoms relief, immediate return to daily life
  • Simple, easy procedure performed in minutes
  • Very short learning curve
5 min to Implant
•  Performed in an outpatient department or theatre setting
•  Through rigid or flexible cystoscope
•  Implanted under visualisation
•  Minimum sedation required
•  Painless, bloodless
5 days at Home
•  Optional out-patient procedure
•  No catheter required
•  Immediate relief from symptoms
•  Immediate return to daily life
5 min to Remove
•  Through a standard Foley catheter
•  No implant left in the body
•  No damage to sexual function
•  No incontinence